Our Aircraft

​​​​​​​​​​We are proud to serve our passengers and mainline partners with our fleet of Embraer 145 aircraft.  We specialize in ​​serving regional markets that c​an be best served with 50 seat aircraft, and the 50 seat E145, with its airframe developed specifically for regional flying is the perfect fit for our mission.  The E145's 50 seats are configured in a 2 by 1 layout, ​giving​ every passeng​er either a window or an aisle seat.  Additionally, the E145 mini​mizes its environmental impact by generating emissions and noise levels well below established limits.​​

Embraer 145 Fast Facts




Passengers:  50​​

Pilots:  2​​​
Flight Attendants:  1​​​​​
Aircraft Dimensions ​
Length:  98 feet, 0 inches​​​
Height:  22 feet, 2 inches
Wing Span:  ​65 feet, 9 inches​
Interior Dimensions
Cabin Height:  6 feet, 0 inches
Cabin Width: 6 feet, 11 inches 
Seat Pitch:  31 inches​
Max Cruise Speed:  450 knots (Mach .78)
Range:  1,590 nautical miles
Service Ceiling:  37,000 feet
Engine Thrust:  7,580 lbs
E145 Seating diagram

For additional information regarding the E145 aircraft, please click here​.