Aviators Program


 Aviators Internship Program

Our Aviators internship program provides student pilots with a clear and defined pathway to the Trans States flight deck upon completion of ATP minimums.  This program complements any pilot training program and provides invaluable career opportunities for participants.  Aviators are mentored Trans States line pilots, and are regularly brought to corporate headquarters to meet with Flight Ops leadership. 

Aviators Internship Through Southeastern University

This innovative program pairs flight training with an aviation degree program, and can take students from 0 hours to CFI in just 9 months, and from 0 to ATP minimums in just 30 months. By moving flight training to the beginning of a degree program, rather than the end, students can earn money as a CFI while completing their degree program. Students in the program have a conditional job offer from Trans States from day one of training, and transition to Trans States First Officer training upon completion of ATP minimums.

Additional program highlights:
  • Flight training can be funded via student loans and VA benefits
  • An airline transition course is provided to prepare students for Trans States First Officer Training
  • Up to $6,000 in flight instructor bonuses through our Aviators+ program
  • All Aviators program benefits listed below

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Aviators+ CFI Program

Our Aviators+ program pays Certified Flight Instructors $5.00 per flight hour (up to $6,000) for each hour spent flight instructing.  Pilots who take advantage of this program can earn a total of $44,000 in new hire bonuses.  Prior participation in the Aviators Program is not required.

Program Benefits

Pilots in both the Aviators and Aviators+ programs enjoy: 

  • Referral bonuses ($1,500 for each successful pilot referred to Trans States; funds are banked until the Aviator completes Trans States First Officer training)
  • Limited pass travel benefits
  • Up to three months of early seniority


Program Qualifications
Aviators Internship Program
•   Hold at least a private pilot's license with an instrument rating
•   Enrollment in a Part 141 or Part 61 training program or working towards an ATP rating
•   Hold a current first class medical certificate
•   Possess a valid passport
Aviators+ CFI Program
•   Hold a current CFI, CFII, or MEI certificate
•   Log an average of at least 75 hours as a CFI each month*
•   Hold a current first class medical certificate
•   Hold an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone (RR) license
•   Possess a valid passport
*exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis

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