CQFO Hiring Requirements

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Our Captain Qualified First Officer (CQFO) program allows pilots who meet Captain requirements to fly as either a Captain or a First Officer, depending on the airline’s scheduling needs.  If you've spent years waiting to upgrade at another regional, this program is for you.  ​Take advantage of this great opportunity to start earning PIC time. 

CQFO Qualifications

  • 2,500 hours total time
  • 1,000 hours multi-engine time
  • 1,000 FAR Part 121 time (Time can be a combination of Part 121 and Part 135 time.  Time for this qualification is considered on a case-by-case basis.)




CQFO Hourly Pay​ ​
When Flying as a First Officer$50.82 per flight hour ($36.35 per flight hour during training)
When Flying as a Captain $64.74 per flight hour when flying as a Captain