Military Pilots



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Thank you for your service!  Trans States Airlines values your skills and training.  Launch your post-military flying career at Trans States, where you'll enjoy quick advancement and top-tier pay. 

A few years out of the cockpit?  Being a commercial pilot is still within reach.  Meet First Officer Rick Brantley, a retired Navy pilot who started his commercial airline career after 7 years away from flying.  


Military Pilot Qualifications

  • FAA commercial pilot's license with instrument and multi-engine ratings
  • ATP or R-ATP eligible
  • Military fixed wing pilots need 750 hours total time
  • Military rotor pilots need 750 hours total time that must include 250 hours fixed wing time
  • Minimum 25 hours multi-engine
  • A current first class FAA medical certificate
  • A current ATP written (company covers cost of ATP-CTP for successful candidates)
  • Current valid passport
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • Legal right to work in, and travel freely in and out of, the United States