​Choosing the ​Right Regional Airline​​​

It can be hard to tell the difference between all of the regional airlines out there.  When every airline is offering pretty much the same thing, how are you supposed to know which airline is right for you?​


Hiring Requirements

  • FAA commer​cial pilot's license with instrument and multi-engine ratings
  • ATP or R-ATP eligible
  • Minimum 25​ hours multi-engine​
  • A current first class FAA medical certificate
  • A current ATP written (company covers cost of ATP-CTP for successful candidates)
  • Current valid​ passport
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • Legal right to work in, and travel freely in and out of, ​the United States​​

Express Hire Program

Current and qualified 121 pilots are not required to interview and will be offered an immediate class date, pending application approval.  To qualify, pilots must have completed training and be online at a 121 airline.


Our seniority reservation program allows new hire pilots to come to training for two days, and then leave for up to 90 days to complete other commitments.  When pilots return to training, they already have up to 90 days of seniority.  Seniority determines everything for pilots, including schedule, base assignment, and upgrade time.  Pilots are more likely to get their preferred base assignment right out of training with three month​s of seniority backing their bid.

Seniority By Base:

Pilot Pay

Download Complete Pay & Bonus Details

Trans States has long been a leader in regional airline pilot pay, and offers one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry.  In fact, first year, First Officers can expect to earn up to $86,000 in total compensation during their first year with the company. 


Year One Pilot Pay

​First Officers

​$37.45/flight hour


​$65.71​/flight hour

​Captain Qualified First Officers

​$51.58/flight hour when flying as a First Officer and $65.71​​/flight hour when flying as a Captain

Additional Information

  • 75 hour minimum monthly guarantee
  • Paid airport parking
  • 100% cancellation and deadhead pay
  • Hotel allowance for pilots living outside their domicile
  • 150-200% premium pay
  • ATP-CTP course at no cost
  • Per diem at $1.90/hour
  • Opportunity to earn referral and mentor bonuses
  • Leg-by-leg pay protection


Initial flight crew training is conducted at the Trans States Airlines Training Center in St. Louis, MO.  Single occupancy hotel accommodations and transportation to and from our training center are provided for ​the duration of training.

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